Development of Web Widgets Toolkit for MRI imaging tools

Processing of MRI images requires characteristic set of control elements, which can be implemented in the form of widgets, i.e. software applications of generic type comprising portable code intended for one or more different software platforms. The collection of Web Widgets (Toolkit) can be specific to a certain windowing system or contain back-ends to interface with more multiple ones and also with rendering APIs such as OpenGL or HTML 5 Canvas. The look and feel of the graphical control elements can be hard-coded or decoupled, allowing the graphical control elements to be themed/skinned.

 – Ready-for-use, and easy to embed MRI 3D viewer widget providing
    *an adjustable set of optional viewports for 3 orientations (sagittal, coronal and axial)
    *basic interactions with use of mouse, ie. zoom, pan, roll, rotate, change of slice.
 – Widget for Annotation Interoperability – widget which allows to:
    * select and describe ROI in the scene,
    * allow the ROIs (segmentations) to be “draggable”, so they can be moved from one viewport to another,
    * display ROIs description in a way they can be presented in tabular form with CRUD operations.

– HTML 5
– Javascript
  – VTK.js
– Image processing

A plus
– Cornerstone/Papaya/Glance/OHIF


– CTK – The Common Toolkit,
– Visualize Your Data With vtk.js,
– Cornerstone Project,