MRI guided interstitial laser therapy in a rat malignant glioma model


A el-Ouahabi, CR Guttmann, SG Hushek, AR Bleier, K Dashner, P Dikkes, PM Black, and FA Jolesz. 1993. “MRI guided interstitial laser therapy in a rat malignant glioma model.” Lasers Surg Med, 13, 5, Pp. 503-10.


We have used MR monitoring to guide and evaluate the effects of the Nd:YAG interstitial laser on a well-characterized rat brain tumor model (C6). MRI was used to determine the tumor size, verify the location of the interstitial probe, and evaluate the size and location of the laser-induced lesion during and after treatment. During laser irradiation, an irreversible loss of signal intensity at the fiber tip and a reversible decrease in signal intensity around it were observed with MRI. None of the treatment protocols affected mean rat survival significantly. Although MRI-guided interstitial laser therapy appears to be safe and easy, it does not provide a curative treatment for spatially disseminated gliomas where a "target volume" cannot be adequately defined. Better results can be expected, especially in well-defined tumors, with improvements of both the imaging techniques and the laser treatment protocol.