Real-time adaptive functional MRI


SS Yoo, CR Guttmann, L Zhao, and LP Panych. 1999. “Real-time adaptive functional MRI.” Neuroimage, 10, 5, Pp. 596-606.


Adaptively limiting image acquisition to areas of interest will allow more efficient data acquisition time for in-depth characterization of areas of brain activation. We designed and implemented an adaptive image acquisition scheme that uses a multiresolution-based strategy to zoom into the regions of cortical activity. Real-time pulse prescription and data processing capabilities were combined with spatially selective radiofrequency encoding. The method was successfully demonstrated in volunteers performing simple sensorimotor paradigms for simultaneous activation of primary motor and cerebellar areas. We believe that real-time adaptation of spatial and temporal sampling to task-related changes will increase the efficiency and flexibility of functional mapping experiments. Contrast-to-noise analysis in selected regions-of-interest was performed to quantitatively assess the multiresolution adaptive approach.